How much do tickets cost?
  • Saturday/Sunday passes are $70
  • Single day passes are $40
  • Pre-party passes are $10
  • Early Bird passes are for all 3 days and cost $50 while supplies last
Can kids come to this event?Unfortunately no, this is a 21 and over event.
Where do we stay?AC Hotel is the official sponsor. There are several hotels in the immediate Westport area, but be sure to book in advance!
Where do I check in?Tickets, and Will-Call, will be located at the East entrance of The Westport Saloon for the pre-party on Friday, May 25th. Saturday and Sunday the Will-Call tickets, and check in, will be at the North entrance of The Westport Saloon.
Can I buy tickets the day of?Yes. Visit us at the Will-Call and ticket booths. It will be $10 more.
Can I pay to just visit one stage?No. No you cannot.
Where can I find an exact schedule?A working schedule is posted on the website, however set times are subject to change. There will be an exact downloadable/screenshot version available before the Festival and printed copies at the ticket booth.
What time does the music start?Music starts at 7pm Friday, May 25th, Noon on Saturday, May 26th, and Noon on Sunday, May 27th.
Does my ticket guarantee that I can see every show?Not in entirety, but yes. You can get to see every band this year. We have slimmed down our stages to three, all within a stones throw from each other.
Where do we eat?Westport is home to many delicious restaurants. Visit http://westportkcmo.com/. If you are looking for 24-hour/late night food, we suggest Town Topic or Chubby’s on Broadway. If you are looking for the best BBQ in town, try Arthur Bryant’s or Slaps.
Where are the restrooms?Flushing toilets are available at The Westport Saloon and the Ernie Biggs stage. Portable toilets are available at the Outdoor stage.

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