Abraham and the Old Gods

Abraham and the Old Gods

World, meet Abraham & The Old Gods! Whether the nights show is a one man band or a collaboration with other musicians, Abraham Glubrecht’s music will take you on a wonderful musical ride. From blues to folk, and country to punk, Abraham cruises a sound he calls Rebel Roots to find his own brand of American roots music!

Born in the dry Eastern side of Washington state, Abraham called the little city of Spokane his home as he grew up. He started playing guitar in his early teens and by age 15 he was playing punk music around the local area. Having fallen through the cracks of a broken home, Abraham spent his adolescence chasing music as a way of making a living. It was in these years he learned what might’ve been the greatest lesson of his life: “If you don’t do it yourself, don’t expect anyone to do it for you.”

Since those early moments of life shaping hard knocks, Abraham has been criss-crossing the continent like a bird with the seasons. Using trades work, music and other forms of art, he’s carved himself out a simple life sharing what he loves with the world… good tunes, good times, and good friendship. Please take a listen to this young man’s boot stomping good time and have a drink with a genuine piece of America’s heart!!!

“I am Abraham & The Old Gods!”

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