Tail Light Rebellion

Tail Light Rebellion

Diverse high energy folk music with the spit and swagger of Rock and roll, with multiple influences that span everything from Irish/Scots, Appalachian/Bluegrass, Blues, old school Rock and Roll, and the occasional Ska and Reggae groove. Starting as a one man band featuring veteran performing artist Jonny Swagger, he plays guitar / mandolin / banjo, drums, harmonica, and sings. The other half of the duo is accomplished jazz trained musician Rob Black on guitar / mandolin / accordion, keyboard pedal bass, tambourine, and vocals, taking the idea of a one man band up to the next level – a two man band with a full 4 piece sound.

They tour relentlessly, having racked up several successful North American tours under their belt. They are pushing forward into new places and countries – earning themselves flourishing recognition for their passionate and dedicated showmanship.

There is the clear rebellious poetic spirit of Shane MacGowan’s in Jonny Swagger’s writing and performance; However, the more thoughtful nature of New Model Army is clearly evident, with strong overtones of Woody Guthrie’s commentary on America and Social Justice – all woven together with the playful mischievous of the World / Inferno Friendship Society and Mischief Brew.

Jonny Swagger’s 14+ year performance career, (starting with The Swaggerin’ Growlers which later transformed into Tail Light Rebellion) has included numerous US / Canadian tours and Festivals (Farmageddon Records Music Festival, Pickin’ in the Pasture Festival, Moonrunners Music Festival). A performer who had his start in the town where Tommy Makem and his family lived, and between his love of the Pogues / Dubliners, and the inspiration of Woody Guthrie, took to the road. He toured along side of Circus, Gypsy, and other Folk Punk Bands of the 2000’s, and then solidified his career in the New American Roots / Outlaw Country circuit that is currently exploding across the US, Canada, and Europe.

He has shared the stage with: John Brown’s Body, Devil Makes Three, HR (from Bad Brains), The Aggrolites, The World/Inferno Friendship Society, Mischief Brew, The Goddamn Gallows, Real MacKenzies, Joseph Huber, Jayke Orvis, Derek W. Dunn, Everybody Out!, The Briggs, Bomb The Music Industry, Neck, The Mahones, the Calamity Cubes, Filthy Still, S.S. WEB, Cutthroat Shamrock, Carrie Nation and the Speakeasy, The Urban Pioneers, Everymen, and many, many more.


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