Westport Roots Festival 2018 Artist Spotlight: Rock Bottom Spring Band


Rock Bottom String BandUnlike a lot of other artistic disciplines, collaboration is nearly always essential to the process of creating a piece of music. And often – especially in a live setting – it’s not about composing an immaculate, flawless sound. It’s about the energy that’s generated from a group of individuals who just jell. It’s about gathering in this auditory cosmosphere together with people who share your passion, and perhaps a couple of adult beverages too. It’s about turning a dingy basement or a backwoods campground into a transformative experience, and creating an exclusive club with those whom you’ve shared that experience with.2017-Ameripolitan-westport-roots-festival-live-music-wesport-saloon-live-music

Night after night since 2013, Rock Bottom String Band has been creating this experience at barrooms and venues across the country. Nestled between the bustling music city of Austin and Texas’s oldest municipality San Antonio is San Marcos, where the original six-piece group (now down to four members) first took shape from a series of backyard jams.

This raw, DIY, adventurous, community-embracing spirit comes out in every chord plucked and every beat stricken. Rock Bottom String Band is an act that most certainly takes its trashgrass demarcation in stride. It’s a band that excels in and embraces the beer-guzzlin’, foot-stompin’ fun that it’s become known for. With fiddle player Mackenzie Dart, guitarist Alex Schultz, upright bassist Griffin Harrison and self-proclaimed “trash banger” Tara Miller (a drummer turned percussionist who’s often seen banging on found objects to great effect, including washboards, shakers, spoons, even plastic bottles), the band collides together on their divergent influences of boundless bluegrass, ear-splitting punk and restless country tunes, resulting in an unamplified insanity that crowds flock to.

The band’s set at Westport Roots Festival on May 26 at 7:45 p.m. is not to be missed, and it’ll be the perfect way to usher you into the antics of the festival’s robust Saturday night lineup at the Westport Saloon.

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